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My name is Ifeanyi.

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About me

A brief insight to who i really am;)

Am Ifeanyi Ernest Umunnakwe, i posses a computing degree with distinction from Cavendish University Zambia, before that i've got an International Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Security and also an International Diploma in Information Technology and Communication both from Informatics Academy, Singapore

I am equipped with necessary knowledge in web development, app development, project management, system analyis and design, networking, IT security, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, E-Mail Marketing, web analytics and online reputation management.

The goal is to be an all-round ICT professional that is based on integrity, very analytical, self-motivated, and innovative. Known as a self-starter, team player and multitasker; strive to consistently exceed expectations.

Am surrounded with a team of friends, who are dedicated to quality and timely delivery.

Ifeanyi Umunnakwe



The Internet has redefined the way business is done. Your website is the gateway to new business opportunities. Therefore, We help businesses unleash their full potentials through modern and functional designs that make their competitors jealous.


Logo, business cards, letterheads, and everything else that gives your business an identity. We provide full branding services for new and existing businesses.


Be found easily on search engines. Gain more visitors and leads to your website through effective Search Engine Optimization.


We offer general ICT consultancy services

Email Marketing

Find, attract and convert your target audience through email advertising.


As a front-end developer, be sure of an interface that is plesant and attactive


Have you ever wondered what seperate success from failure?

Most times i seat on my bed, wondering if whether or not there is a recipe for success? if there are certain attributes responsible for success, that those who only fail never seemed to find or cultivate?

Truth is, there are a number of attributes a person need to really succeed in life and unfair as it sounds, talent and luck plays a part, and trust me when i say that this two attributes are never enough because there is a third attribute which is fully in our grasp, something everyone of us are capable of cultivating and developing.

This third attribute is really essential and unless you have it and develop it, you wont go very far as an artist, writer or entreprenuer.

So what is it?


Hustle means doing the hard creative work even when you're mentally and emotionally exhausted.
Hustle is what seperate the professional from the hobbyist.

Hustle means putting in the long hours other aren't willing to put in. Hustle is the person who does the work others think is madness.

Hustle is the guy on his laptop working on his blog 40 hours a week even with a full time job.

Hustle is the differentiating factor in essentially every case of recorded success throughout history be it monetarily of otherwise. To successfully hustle you need vision and toughness.

I heard Martin Luther speak like a true king
I watched Ali become a legend in the ring.
i read about Christ and the pain of that cross.
And how Albert Einstein failed 99 times,
They had vision and that proved to be enough.

Hustler's are strong enough to face things they know they can fail, but yet have the strenght to rise up again!

Am not perfect thats the that the reason i pray every morning, ending it "God please bless my hustle..."


Are you curious about something? Would you want me to handle your project, or you do have any question about the services being rendered? or are you interested in hiring me and my team to work on any of your project?

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